Quartz grains manufacturer in India

Potash White Potash Pink One of the most important materials for medium and high temperature ceramic glazes. It supplies potash, alumina, silica and often some magnesia can calcia to the glaze. Potash feldspars are not usually as pure and white as soda spars. A feldspar is called 'potash' it there is more sodium than potassium. There are no real deposits that have the theoretical 17% KO, none are even close to this , they have a mix of potassium and sodium. Glazes high in feldspar (35% or more) are likely to produce crazing problems. Flux saturated glazes with more that 50% feldspar may be unbalanced and lack adequate glass former or alumina. We offers Calcitte powder, quartz powder, soap stone powder, dolomite powder,Quartz grains manufacturer in India.

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Quartz grains manufacturer in India , feldspar, Talc Powder in India , Soap stone powder in India

Quartz grains manufacturer in India

Quartz grains manufacturer in India