Dolomite granules manufacturer in India

Earth MineChem (EMC) is one of promising Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Mineral.

The uses in various industrial applications like as filler in plastic, rubber, asbestos products, polishes,  textile,  linoleum, soaps; as loading agent for paper; for preventing un-galvanized rubber goods from sticking; as carrier of insecticidal dusts; used in production of low loss ceramic materials.

Earth Minechem offers- Talcum powder is used to prevent the rashes and skin on each and every end user and lead freshness every day. It is recommended that the powder should not be inhaled by child as it many cause breathing problem to them so use better quality Talc powder.

Talc Powder in India We are offering a quality range of Talc Powder and these are using good minerals.

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