talc powder in india

Talc Powder in india

Talc is also known as Soapstone or Magnesium Silicate. This is a natural minerals and it has uses in different industries such as Talcum Powder, Paint Industries, Food Industries, Paper Industries.
Earth MineChem offers Talc Powder in India. In this Document I explain Meaning of Talc Powder and what their Application. Talcum powder which is also known’s as Talc is used by women and men for reanimate or fresh up with good perfume after bath and rubbing it on their bodies to stay fresh and neat or clean. Talcum powder helps in preventing irritation from rashes to skin and give freshness. The price of talc is very reasonable. Talc is a hydrous magnesium silicate mineral, Talcum powder is made from talc, a mineral made up mainly of the elements magnesium, oxygen and silicon. As a powder, it absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction, helping to prevent rashes and making it useful for keeping skin dry.

Talc Powder in india

Chemical Composition

SiO2 45-60% (As per Requirement)
MgO 20-30%
Fe2O3 0.5% Maximum
CaO 0.5-12% (As per Requirement)
CaCO3 1.0-35% (As per Requirement)
Brightness 80-97% (As per Requirement)

Talc Uses

Talc is used in following Industries:

  1. Paper
  2. Plastic
  3. Paints and Coatings
  4. Rubber
  5. Food Supplement
  6. Electric Cables
  7. Pharmaceutical
  8. Ceramics
  9. Cosmetics

Talc Powder is available in Following regular Mesh Sizes*

300# 400# 500# 700# 800#

*Custom sizes and Material of required specifications can be made in case of Bulk and Regular orders.

  • Pebbles / Molded Stone:

Talc Powder in india

Pebbles are molded stones used for various decorative purposes.

We have a wide range of Pebbles starting from Natural River stones to Artificial Molded stones.

It is available in uneven sizes and varied colors.

Please mail us on info@earthminechem.com for a detailed product Sheet.
Our products are offer

Talc powder in india

Earth Minechem offers- Talcum powder is used to prevent the rashes and skin on each and every end user and lead freshness every day. It is recommended that the powder should not be inhaled by child as it many cause breathing problem to them so use better quality Talc powder. Talc Powder in India We are offering a quality range of Talc Powder and these are using good minerals. Earth MineChem offer Talc Powder in India. We are manufacturing quality Talc powder in Bulk. Talc is very useable minerals for various applications. We have highly qualified professionals and able to procure high quality. This product is available in a wide range of fragrances that is highly appealing. We are Talc Powder manufacturers, suppliers & exporters.

Talc powder is quite a popular and familiar mineral. It is crushed into fine powder to prepare talcum powder. Our products are manufacture in divergent forms. We have Professionals working with quality controllers, warehouse personnel, manufacturing experts. We are prominent suppliers of Talc Powder in India.

Earth MineChem is exporter and supplier of Talcum Powder in wide range. Talcum powder is used in making baby powder, first aid powder manufacturer , cosmetics industry, used to make ornamental, practical objects, make sculptures, bowls, hearths, plastic, rubber industry, ceramic industries and roofing materials. We are offer quality manufacturer, supplier of high quality talc powder in India.

Our professionals have successful industry thus able to understand the specification of the industries. We agreement to supply prime minerals talcum at best price.  We have a sound & strong infrastructural that is equipped with technology that helps in processing quality grade minerals. We have team of experts, which work to offer best minerals to the clients.

Talcum is display high stiffness on the aerial temperatures. We offer best talcum that has diverse uses in assorted industries. This talc powder is praise for superior classification, durability and reliability accurate features. We stand on well known for good impact strength, excellent rate.

talc powder in india Talc powder in Indiatalc powder in india

talc powder in India talc powder in India talc powder in India talc powder in India


Talc Powder in india
Talc Powder in india